Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Nosara Animal Care Treats Unwanted Animals in Costa Rica

A former resident of Rumson New Jersey, Sam Chandler attended Rumson Fair Haven High School between 2012-16, and he now attends Blair Academy. Sam Chandler has traveled extensively and has also designed and sold bracelets to raise money for spaying and neutering cats and dogs at the Nosara Animal Care (NAC) shelter in Costa Rica.

Founded in 2006 by Canadian veterinary nurse Sarah Foster, NAC is a non-profit organization dedicated to helping animals. NAC endeavors to deliver quality medical care to stray animals and facilitate their placement with welcoming families, and the group works with the community of Nosara to educate the locals about the importance of animal health.

NAC offers inexpensive spay and neutering services to decrease the growth of unwanted animals, and it also furnishes affordable veterinary services to susceptible animals living with economically-stressed families. 

NAC has a strict No-Kill policy, so no animal will be euthanized unless the animal is in severe pain and the recovery of its health is just a remote possibility. Any distressed animal is accepted and treated with the best care the center can offer.

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